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All of these block prints are 4' x 6' (10 cm x 15 cm), are in limited, signed and numbered editions and hand printed. The locations are the US south west desert lands, Toronto harbour, the rural routes of Ontario, Newfoundland and Tuscany. They are based on either my photographs or, in the case of the Toronto, Newfoundland and Tuscany images, my watercolours.

Temple of the Sun, Cathedral Valley

Three Sisters, Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 3

Capitol Reef

South Islands, Toronto

Frank A Sherman/Pineglen/Fernglen, Toronto

Wheat Kng/Silverdale/Conallison, Toronto

Redwing/Frank A Sherman, Toronto

Haliburton 3

Haliburton 4

Caledon 1

Caledon 2

Caledon 3

Caledon 5

Lino Rural Routes 5011

King Township 2

King Township 3

King Township 4

Mono Township

Little Trinity, Newfoundland 2

Little Trinity, Newfoundland 1

Viale Don Giovanni Manzoni, Siena


Villa La Cappuccina, San Gimignano

Siena Villa

Ile La Paz, Alderney

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