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Recent Paintings

Painted in transparent acrylics on canvas, a series based on the Covid Watercolours. Many of these were painted during the quiet isolation resulting from worldwide lockdown. All are 24" x 18" (61cm x 45.75cm)

Acrylic 24 Havana II

Havana II, Cuba

Acrylic 25 Hearn Generating Station

Hearn Generating Station, Toronto (Love Among the Ruins)

Acrylic 23 Havana I

Havana I

Acrylic 26 Kilkenny

Kilkenny, Eire

Acrylic 27 Kingston I

Kingston I, Ontario

Acrylic 33 Siena I

Siena I, Italy

Acrylic 28 Kingston II

Kingston II, Ontario

Acrylic 34 Siena II

Siena II, Italy

Acrylic 30 Mavrakakis Lane II

Mavrakakis Lane I, Toronto

Acrylic 35 Somerset House

Somerset House, London, UK

Acrylic 36 Woodward Evans Lane

Woodward Evans Lane, Toronto

Acrylic 37 Dublin

Dublin, Eire

Acrylic 29 Mavrakakis Lane I

Mavrakakis Lane I, Toronto

Acrylic 3 Bruges

Bruges, Belgium

Acrylic 2 Bain Co-Op III

Bain Avenue Co-Op III, Toronto

Acrylic 20 Don Valley Trail

Don Valley Trail, Toronto

Acrylic 1 Assisi

Assisi, Italy

Acrylic 4 Cabbagetown I

Cabbagetown I, Toronto

Acrylic 23 8 Off Milan Street

Off Milan Street, Toronto

Acrylic 23 11 Cabagetown II

Cabbagetown II, Toronto

Acrylic 21 Fulton Avenue I

Fulton Avenue I, Toronto

Acrylic 22 Fulton Avenue II

Fulton Avenue II, Toronto

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