The COVID watercolours

A series of studies based on my sketches, memories and photographs made in foreign lands and closer to home.

WC 20 30 Assisi

Assisi - I was intrigued by the Land Rover which was there, parked in the same spot, year after year.

WC 20 28 Assisi

Assisi. This town has long held a magic for me. It was the home of St Francis who was canonized within the lifetime of those who knew him.

WC 20 32 Danforth Alley

Danforth Alley. In the heart of Toronto's Greektown, this alley runs behind many Greek restaurants and on a hot day is filled with the smoke of grills and the smells of souvlaki.

WC 20 24 Siena

Costa San Antonio, Siena.

WC 20 16 Kilkenny

Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland. Part of the old Medieval town.

WC 20 9 London

Somerset House, London, UK.

WC 20 10 London

Somerset House, London, UK.

WC 20 5 Toronto

The Hearn Generating Station, Toronto. A vast, abandoned coal-fired plant. I allowed the Venus di Milo in so that I could title this "Love Among the Ruins".

WC 20 6 Siena

Vicolo delle Carrozze, Siena, Italy. Known to my students and me as "Stinky Alley" due the redolence of forbidden activities at night!

WC 20 8 Siena

Vicolo delle Carrozze, Siena, Italy.

WC 20 4 Havana

Havana, Cuba.

WC 20 29 Assisi

Assisi, Italy.

WC 20 21 Fulton Ave

Fulton Avenue, Toronto.

WC 20 17 Stratford

Stratford, Ontario.

WC 20 22 Don Valley

Woodland trail, Don Valley, Toronto.

WC 20 27 Bain Co-Op

The Bain Avenue Co-op, Toronto. Two blocks of Victorian styled housing interspersed with ramshackle gardens.

WC 20 31 Bain Co-Op

Bain Avenue Co-op.

WC 20 26 Bain Co-Op

Bain Avenue Co-op.